Business Plans for Investors, Visas, and Bank Loans

A business plan contains the key elements to help the entrepreneur to succeed. It serves as a tool for stirring the company through various expected challenges, and ensures the company remains focused in meeting its financial objectives.

Investors expect a business plan to answer key questions on; the viability of business model, the market opportunity, capabilities of the management team, and the required financial resources. Our business plans are tailored to each unique situation.

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Market Research

We conduct research into markets requested by client and the results are presented in a well laid out and concise report. Report will include among other things, key customer groups, competitors, market value, PESTEL analysis,  industry analysis, charts and figures highlighting customer trends etc.

A strategic marketing plan based on the market study, can be created.

Management Advisory | Virtual Concierge Solutions

The pareto principle (80/20) when applied to business states that 20% of actions are responsible for 80% of business results.  Hence it is important to prioritize which tasks are key to driving business success.

We can carry out a diagnosis into your company's activities, and use our world-class tools to determine areas of strategic importance. Non-core tasks i.e bookkeeping, administration, cold calling and others can be outsourced to able partners.  You will be able to focus on what drives your business to success, and getting more done for less.

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